A Selfie Stick For Tourists That Costs Less Than Your Lunch

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There are a lot of questionable inventions out there, but the infamous “selfie stick” gets a lot of flack from its critics – maybe because it’s associated with narcissism, but mostly because it’s associated with hordes of Asian tourists. Truthfully speaking, it’s not a necessity, but it does come in handy a lot more often than you would think – much to my pleasant surprise and dismay.

DealStock’s Extendable Handheld Bluetooth Selfie Stick Shutter Monopod Adjustable Phone Holder

I recently tried out the “selfie stick” from DealStock, which is currently available for purchase on Amazon for $10.99 or through DealStock for $9.99. Although I was a little apprehensive about the product at first, I will say that it pleasantly surprised me much more than I thought it would. It isn’t an absolute necessity, but it does make the whole “selfie” experience much more amusing, although I can’t pinpoint exactly why. Perhaps, it’s because you have a wider range of possible angles and backgrounds, which would be very important if you are a tourist.

The package itself comes with one monopod selfie stick, a micro USB charging cable, a manual and an orange rubber bumper to keep the phone stable when locked onto the dock. The stick, which comes in blue, black, green and pink, is super lightweight with a metal body, plastic clamp and rubber handle. When fully extended, it is 3.5 feet in length and collapses to a little over 8 inches, making it very portable and easy to carry around.

After charging the gadget fully for one hour, users can connect it to their devices through Bluetooth. It is also fully compatible with most smartphones that have a Bluetooth functionality, as long as the phone itself is less than 15 mm thick – granted the operating system is iOS 4.0 or later (for iPhone users) and Android 3.0 or later. Once connected, pressing a small button on the handle will allow users to capture photos instantly, as there is no camera timer. The device can also be stored in standby mode for over 100 hours.

After using the device for a bit, I quickly came to realize how useful the tool can actually be. Yes, it has become quite notorious in popular culture, but at its core, the selfie stick can help users take better pictures – whether you are traveling or just trying to record memories.