Windows XP Still Utilized by the U.S. Navy, Costs Them Millions Too

Windows XP may have not been used by mainstream consumers for almost fifteen years. Microsoft has released three new versions since then, bringing us to Windows 8.1.
Soon, Windows 10 will be released, even though there have been some discrepancies and difficulties relating to it. While most consumers have moved on, of course, there are several that have not, such as several schools and even the U.S. Navy.

U.S. Navy’s reason for continuing to use Windows XP

The U.S. Navy’s reason for continuing to use a 14-year-old software is apparently because of the ships they operate on the daily basis. Reports echo this statement when they write “To be fair the Navy says their ships rely on older computers and software that need Windows XP to run, which makes sense”. However, said statement does not justify the truth that the software lost support, as well as the possibility for updates, about a year ago. Contrasting with the Navy’s reason for shelling out over $9 million a year on Windows XP, reports point out, “Any good IT department knows that a version of an operating system will not go on forever, over time they grow and change just as it should be.” True, indeed.

Potential risks involved with Navy’s consistent use of XP

With the U.S. Navy continuing to use an outdated operating system that has not been supported for quite some time, there are bound to be risks and threats. Reports agree and note out that, “Windows XP lost Microsoft support and updates over a year ago and if you’re currently running that OS you do so at your own risk.” Security updates are included in this, making the old operating system a safety risk.

Any possibility of upgrading the Microsoft software from Windows XP to something else less dated?

There is one conspicuous solution to this situation: finally update to Windows 10 once it launches. However, it will not prove to be an easy challenge. In the words of reports, when it comes to anything involving the country, “Getting anything done in the U.S. Government is like pulling teeth from an angry grizzly bear. I’m sure the Navy has its fair share of Washington red tape to cut through in order to get approvals for such a massive upgrade.” In addition, taxpayers have also played a role in the U.S. Navy making sure they continue having their dated software in all their ships. As of now, it is a tough situation that will become quite an uphill to amend. Will it be possible? Of course, but with an immense amount of time, effort, and patience.