Germany: Oldest Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down in Ongoing Movement Towards Renewable Resources

Sustainability and renewable resources are the keys to repairing the damage that we have caused to the earth, and to ensure that we cause no further harm to this planet we plan to preserve for future generations. It is with this set of ideals that Germany shut off its oldest nuclear power plant on Saturday in an ongoing to effort to generate almost all of its energy by renewable sources according to a timeline, according to which they hope to have 80% of their energy come from renewable resources of the year 2050.Germany: Oldest Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down in Ongoing Movement Towards Renewable Resources - Clapway

Germany leads the way in the initiative to use renewable resources

It is a slow process converting a country from non-renewable to renewable re-source utilization as high as 80%, but the commitment to change Germany exhibits puts them at the forefront of the battle against climate change. Part of the reason that Germany’s goals are very feasible is the expected population decrease in the country.

According to research conducted by population experts, Germany’s total population is poised to decrease by as much as 10 million by the year 2050 when they have said that they will meet their renewable energy goals. “A sudden drop in population due to many factors including a decrease in birth rate, and increase in the elderly who cannot remain independent, makes the ambitious goal of renewable energy within reach, especially when the country has already made so many strides towards lowering non-renewable resources.

Progress in Germany as of Today

By early 2014 28.5% of Germany’s overall energy sources were renewable up over 5% from the previous year, but Germany hopes to steadily increase these figures until they reach 40-45% renewable resources by 2025, and 55-60% by the year 2035.

While the ideas seem straight forward enough, experts including Hans-Werner Sinn who believes that by decreasing the use of non-renewable resources in one area of the world, they increase in another essentially making it almost not worthwhile to make the effort to increase the amount of renewable resources until the renewable resources are depleted. Most believe in the positive efforts Germany is putting forth, but it remains to be seen the actual long term effects that the plan will have. Hopefully many more will follow in the path of Germany, and set goals for total renewable resource usage in the near future.


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