3 Careers That Would Be Awesome to See in Space

Michael Najjar, a professional photographer, plans on becoming the first civilian artist in space. Since 2012, Najjar has been training, in hopes of flying on Virgin Galatic’s maiden voyage later this year. During his space astronaut training, Najjar is documenting every moment. Even though he experienced temporary loss of color vision and almost blacked out during a stratospheric flight at twice the speed of sound, he was not deterred from his goal. If anything, he learned from the experience. He learned that it is difficult to control your movements, let alone focus the camera for a decent picture. If Najjar makes it to space, the event will open up more opportunities for other civilians to travel to space for career development. Here are three careers that would be awesome to see in space:

1. Dancer

Can you picture the Nutcracker being performed in space? Or imagine Step Up (the first one, not the ridiculous sequels) taking place in space. Cool right? It would be hard for the dancers to get used to the lack of gravity and there is also a strong possibility that the dancers my vomit on the first go around. But I think they could make it work. It would give the performance a different aesthetic. This career would be awesome to see in space because it would definitely break down barriers in the art world and open up minds to more possibilities.

2. Football Player

I know football fans are really hardcore and don’t like sudden changes in their team or their sport, but football in space would be hilarious. Big guys trying really hard to run faster and throw further, when gravity is working against them. I’m sure that eventually they would have to change the rules and the players would become accustomed to the changes in the environment, but I think football would be great to see in space for pure shits and giggles.

3. Porn Star

Funding is already in progress for Pornhub to film the first porn in space. If this occurs, it will open up doors for porn stars to explore more bizarre places to shoot scenes. And I have to admit, porn in space would be interesting to watch. You know you would want to see it too. We’ll just agree that it’s for academic purposes only. Wink, wink.

I hope Najjar accomplishes his goal, but not just for his benefit, but for the benefit of society. Us, as humans, thrive on knowledge and discovery. People will realize that they can truly accomplish anything they put their minds to. Who knows what would be next after Najjar becomes the first civilian artist in space. Why not make your career the first for us to see in space?

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