Pokemon Releases Free Game for Mobile iOS and Android Users

In the original Red or Blue version you caught all 151, and since then Nintendo has added 570 additional Pokémon to be caught, exclusively on Nintendo devices. Fans of the Pokémon franchise have been wondering for years when Pokémon would be available on something other than a Nintendo device, and Nintendo has finally conceded now nearly 20 years after its creation. Pokémon will finally be available on your mobile IOS and Android powered devices for free in the form of a game called “Pokémon shuffle.”

Pokémon after twenty years

In 2016 Pokémon will celebrate its 20th birthday. It’s hard to believe that the popular multi-media franchise has been around for twenty years, but it’s even harder to believe that since its creation, this is first Pokémon related game that will be available for mobile download on smart phones and other devices. The demand for a mobile Pokémon game has never decreased since the creation of the franchise, and the franchise is the second highest grossing after only the Mario franchise. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming success and the upcoming anniversary that has Nintendo a little more willing to share.

some of the characters in pokemon shuffle

What can Pokémon fans expect from this new game?

A gameplay trailer was released showing the Pokémon shuffle puzzle-like game. The official website describes the game, “Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is a new mobile game where players will battle wild Pokémon with their wits and puzzle-solving skills. By matching three or more Pokémon, players can deal damage and whittle down their opponents. Fans can even battle through difficult stages by utilizing Mega-Evolved Pokémon.” The free version of the Pokémon games offers fans the opportunity to battle with some of their favorite of the original 151, as well as the many more of the newer generations. Generously they are releasing the game completely free of charge, but it’s not like the need to publicity. In 2014 alone the Pokémon franchise generated $2 billion in revenue.


This new game may not be the mobile version of the first Pokémon red and blue Gameboy games, but for Nintendo it’s a step in the right direction towards making their franchise more accessible on mobile devices.



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