Ford Recall- More than 400,000 Cars In for Software Problem

Hundreds of Thousands Recalled in North America

Ford has just announced that they will be recalling 432,000 cars due to a defect in the cars’ software. The report states that there has yet to be an accident or injury reported to be directly related to this software problem. Vehicles affected by the Ford recall include the Focus, C-Max, and Escape, in particular 2015 Escape CUVs manufactured in Kentucky’s Louisville Assembly Plant (the others were manufactured in Michigan). Those who have purchased said Ford vehicles will need to report the fault to their dealers so as to get the software problem fixed. Dealers will fix the problem completely free of charge.

What’s Wrong With the Cars?

You know how when you turn the car off, the engine turns off with it? That’s supposed to happen. Unfortunately, that hasn’t proven to be a guarantee with some newer Ford cars. This Ford recall is due to an issue in the body control module software of a large number of vehicles. The result of this is that after the key has been turned off (or, depending on the vehicle, the on/off button), the engine could keep running. This despite the fact that what you’ve done being for the sole purpose of turning the engine off. This is not the first snafu Ford has found itself in of late; recently there was a Ford recall of over 200,000 vans and SUVs due to issues with the instrument panels and seatbelts.

Where Are People Being Affected By This?

If you’re in North America and recently bought any of the previously mentioned 2015 Ford cars, you have been affected by this Ford recall. The overwhelming majority of these cars are, unsurprisingly, in America, to the tune of 375,000 cars. Of course, if you’re a Canadian or Mexican reader with one of these newer vehicles, it’s highly recommended you get your car to the dealer as well. 52,000 cars in Canada are involved in this recall, as are approximately 5,000 of them in Mexico. More information has yet to come out about the situation surrounding this Ford recall.


What had four wheels and was recalled absolutely zero times? The Penny skateboard from Australia.