Sunburn Art Can Increase Cancer Risk by 50 Percent

A Dangerous Trend

It’s hard to tell just how popular a so-called trend currently is – one person doing it goes viral and suddenly it can get called a “trend.” On the other hand, it’s incredibly easy to determine how stupid a possible trend is, and this one is a real doozy. Now that summer is officially upon us, some young beach-goers have developed a trend known as sunburn art. Sunburn art is fairly self-explanatory, and doctors are urging people to stop doing it or, even better, never start doing it. The young social phenomenon poses a huge cancer risk, as evidenced by the fact that the word sunburn is literally in its name.

What Is Sunburn Art?

As previously stated, sunburn art is pretty clear from the title. Sunscreen is applied, but only in a very specific design. Without applied suntan lotion around it, the rest of the skin becomes severely burned, making the design visible on the skin. A number of these sunburn arts have begun to circulate around the internet, increasing the popularity of the trend. Some examples of the designs making their way around social media include designs of flowers, and even one of the Batman logo. Pictures are taken to create a permanence to it, as the sunburn pattern itself is temporary. The effects of it, on the other hand, are far more lasting.

The Risks You Run

Accidentally getting a mild sunburn isn’t great for your skin. Intentionally getting a severe burn for the sake of art? Even worse. Dermatologists warn that sunburn art could increase your risk for melanoma by a whopping 50%. That exact increase happens after just two severe burns, to say nothing of those who have done 3 or more iterations of sunburn art. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. The same dermatologists also warned that sunburn art could cause more lines and wrinkles, aging your skin at a rapid process. Doctors urge people to use SPF 30 at least, and that using the cream is more effective than solely relying on the spray. Just generally, the consensus seems to be not to get a sunburn on purpose.


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