3 Mammals That Take Gross Mating Rituals to a New Level

We as humans sometimes like to get a little kinky (with a safe word…) in the bedroom. And we aren’t the only ones.
All over the animal kingdom, other mammals have evolved to get rather freaky during sex.
But by our standards, “freaky” may be an understatement, even with an open mind. These three mammals take fetish to the next level when it comes to incorporating bodily functions with…more bodily functions.

Billy Goat’s Stuff

Ewe smell that? That’s the smell of a very handsome billy goat.
Apparently, they wear a lovely cologne of their own pee, splattered on their long beards and front legs.
Not only that, but in this mating process, attracting the elusive female includes spreading their pee all over their territory, in their water supply, and they will even squirt it right into their mouths for a delightful mouth rinse.

Turns out, his pee is also chocked full of uric acids and nitrogenous substances.

Goats are really flexible, so dousing themselves from their own urethra is not a problem. Which is a good thing if he is trying to waft his sexy smells all over.
Bucks have a healthy appetite for love, and within a few days will attempt to begin kidding with does. And pee is an important part of all this.
But because of the acidic potency of goat pee, they burn themselves! But maybe the Two-Face look adds to the Bad Boy flair. Gross mating in the form of golden showers isn’t limited to the goat, however.


Porcupines aren’t that different when it comes to getting freaky. In this gross mating ritual, partners are armed, the girls have prime pick. To get the prickly lady-pine to notice a mate from a safe distance, the hopeful has to show his prowess. And what better way than to propel a stream of pheromone-sated pee all over her? Nothing says “I want to get freaky” better than being peed on from a few feet away.
If she likes what she smells, she’ll let the games begin. If not, she waits for the next shower.


If anyone knows the dance of love, it’s the hippo. Sure, they may not look like they can’t pull off the Kama Sutra in their gross mating ritual, but you’d be surprised with their ingenuity.
The male, as most do, needs to advertise his good looks, so he begins to mark his territory in a very ingenious way. The bull does double duty… Peeing and pooping at the same time around his land. And to make sure he covers ground, his tail acts as a fan to splatter his love far and wide in one very messy, gross mating ritual!


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