Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Mexican Friend

You have probably heard the wonderful remarks presidential candidate Donald Trump made about Mexico and its people these past weeks. The first thing that comes to my mind is that The Donald most probably doesn’t have any Mexican friends. As a Mexican myself, I can share a little bit of our culture.

Mexican culture is like many other latin cultures

Mexicans, similar to other Latin cultures tend to be warm and friendly. We are noted for partying and enjoying quality time with friends and family. Mexas as we call ourselves tend to care for friends and loved ones like nobody else and will welcome you into our homes from day one.

10 Reasons Why:

1)Whenever you see your friends you will be filled with kisses and hugs. It doesn’t matter if its the first time you meet them, you will have to kiss them hello and goodbye. Having a Mexican friends means you will have a loving and affectionate friend close to you.

2) Are you looking for someone who loves going out and having a good time? A Mexican friend will always say yes whenever you invite one to any type of social event. Be prepared when your friend arrives to the party because they will probably bring a big crowd of friends promising an epic night.

4) If you are in need for some quality time with family, a Mexican friend will always invite you to hang out with their family and you will become part of them.

5) Need help to get a job interview or information on a girl you want to date? A Mexican friend will always be there to help you and make it happen. It doesn’t matter if they have to call the sister of the ex-boyfriend of their cousin, they will help you out.

6) Need a friend who invites and welcomes you into their home all the time? Mexicans will always welcome you to their home by saying, “mi casa es tu casa” or my house is your house.

7) Need someone to teach you bad words in Spanish? Mexicans will teach you and explain what each curse word means and how to use them.

8) A Mexican friend will always invite you to drink tequila or mezcal with them.

9) We will teach you basic Spanish and you will become a pro over the years.

10) Your friendship will last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you see each other every year or so, you will stay friends forever and will have someone to trust and rely no matter what.

Of course, the list goes on…

Although these are some of the main reasons why you should have a Mexican friend there are many other reasons that explain our culture and behavior. Feel free to share your reasons and experiences on why having a Mexican friend is beneficial. For more information and tips on traveling and food in Mexico and abroad visit

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