Even With Terminal Cancer, Love Gives Patient “The Best Day of His Life”

Having terminal cancer is not easy to deal with, even when the disease is treatable and the chances to become healthy again are quite high. Being told your cancer is in a terminal phase, is an information that steals even the last drop of happiness from people.

But a recent gesture and the overall attitude of a man who faces this problem, should be considered to be a lesson for many people, who aren’t able to enjoy the happiest moments of their lives even though they are healthy.

The Terminal Cancer Didn’t Stop Him from Enjoying His Wedding

Keith Borum married Nina Scott in a ceremony held at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip while the hospital staff assisted this fast-organized wedding.

Keith Borum is dealing with terminal diagnosis due to having non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At the beginning, his chances of survival existed, but after battling the disease for 18 months, the doctors told him that his cancer would be terminal.

Despite the Pain and Discomfort Given by Terminal Cancer, Keith Showed Happiness

The man told the hospital staff that he had hoped to buy an engagement ring for Nina, who has been his girlfriend for three years. Since he wasn’t in the position to do anything alone, the hospital staff had to give him a hand. The nurses gathered the money needed in order to make Keith’s dream reality.

In addition to the wedding rings, there were also donated flowers, as well as a wedding cake.

The ceremony was held in his hospital room while everybody was dressed in medical gowns, in order to protect Keith from getting an infection.

Even though Keith was in a difficult situation since the disease made him so weak that he couldn’t even walk, during the wedding, he was able to feel happiness, enjoying every moment, even making a couple of jokes.

Facing Terminal Cancer, Keith Had “The Best Day of His Life”

When asked how he was feeling, the groom said that it was the best day of his life.
Even if Keith’s marriage won’t last as long as everyone would hope, his attitude was more than a loving gesture towards his girlfriend. His gesture can be an example for everyone, of how to enjoy all the happy moments in life.


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