Atlas Five Rocket to Launch Before Noon

Right now, the Atlas Five Rocket is set to launch from the Cape Canaveral before at eleven thirty. However the rocket won’t be alone in its travel; it will have a very technologically advanced passenger aboard.

Some background info

While everything is underway for the rocket launch later today, the 2nd Space Operation Squadron in Colorado is celebrating a milestone this week. What milestone is that? It is the twentieth anniversary since the Global Positioning System (GPS) emergence was announced on July 17, 1995. On Friday, is the day twenty years ago, the GPS make its dent in technological history and changed the nation’s everyday life forever..
Today, we use GPS technology in a multitude of ways and integrate it into our everyday lives without even thinking twice about it. Whether it is finding your way to a hole in the wall bite to eat, or exploring a trail to a sweet secret fishing spot, helping you get back onto the interstate, GPS is there for you. This goes to show you how we have become accustomed to having it.
To get an idea of how valuable and treasured the GPS is in monetary value, the system is estimated to be valued over twenty-six billion dollars by next year.

The companion aboard the Atlas Five Rocket

A press release that was put up yesterday announced that Colorado’s United Launch Alliance will launch the GPS IIF-10 mission from the Atlas Five 401 rocket launch in Cape Canaveral. This GPS will be the companion up to the stars with the rocket.
The GPS IIF-109 is the tenth of twelve block which will eventually replace the older satellites in orbit when the time comes to retire the old fellas. All good things must come to an end after a while, and at least they had a good run and have stories to tell when home.
The president and owner of ULA commented that the company was proud to help in its role in the advances GPS has done and will do. They look forward to keeping the hundred percent successful launch history today with the GPS IIF-10’s launch.

Governor of colorado declares friday “GPS DAY”

To continue with the celebration measures, Governor Hickenlooper will declare Friday, “GPS Day” in Colorado in honor the GPS and all the things it continues to do and will do.Also the ULA plans on launching the Delta IV rocket on the 22nd with a military communications satellite if all goes well with this week’s launch.


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