Harvard Study: Efficiency of Statins in Treatment of Heart Disease

New Options for Heart Disease Patients

A groundbreaking new study could provide much-needed answers to the question of the most effective treatment for heart disease-related illnesses.

A Harvard study examined research cited in studies that were conduced two years ago. In November 2013, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association co-released new recommendations for cholesterol treatment, and included and emphasis on the use of statins.

History of the Research

The report was published in the American Medical Association journal. These conclusions stem from two studies published in the journal, both examine the 2013 suggestion that patients ages 40-75 have a higher 7.5 percent greater chance of developing a heart attack or stroke over the next decade. It is also believed that the patient use of statins to combat heart disease could reach millions over the next few years.

This calculation has proven to be tricky, as the profile has been closely examined to fit those who are at highest risk for heart disease and will benefit the most from preemptive measures. However, despite its controversy among the medical community, research has indicated that there could be successful in these new methods.

Despite its controversy amongst professionals in the medical community, this new wave of treatment suggests that patients will now have more say in how their treatment options are regulated and specialized. There is also concern among the differing definitions of what makes a patient with cardiovascular disease “high risk”. Fortunately, statin therapy is relatively low cost and patients have access to a variety of generic forms to keep the overhead of their treatment options low.

What Statin Treatment Could Shift

Researchers have indicated their optimism in the possibility of critical problem-solving from the information provided in the studies. Drug treatments and lifestyle variables are also important factors to consider in determining the most effective form of treatment for patients suffering from heart disease. This came from analyzing the medical literature to produce recommendations about who should be treated with cholesterol-lowering drugs.

It is unclear whether or not the statin therapy will completely eradicate heart disease, but it may open the possibility of far healthier, informed, and in-control patients.


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