Is Planned Parenthood Selling Parts of Unborn Babies?

The subject of abortion has always been hard to digest by some, but extremely discussed by others, as it seems to present certain ethical problems. In addition to all ethical issues that already existed, another problem in regards to this subject appeared.

Earlier this week, a video showing that Planned Parenthood apparently provides organs and tissue samples from babies killed in abortions to medical research facilities was released.

Are Parts of Unborn Babies Sold to Researchers?

Because of the video, Planned Parenthood clinics seem to be under investigation since the it showed one of the group’s director discussing harvesting fetal body parts.

The video could be evidence that Planned Parenthood may be taking aborted fetuses and selling the tissue. It was brought to public attention by a nonprofit anti-abortion organization, on Tuesday, even though it seems to be one-year-old.

A Planned Parenthood official was recorded while talking about baby body parts at a bustling West Coast restaurant. The discussion was about how to best harvest hearts, lungs, livers, and heads. At one point, there are offered explanations about how they are very careful not to destroy the baby body parts.

The Planned Parenthood Clinic States the Clinic Acts Under Legal Standards

In accordance with the response given by Planned Parenthood, the clinic has several health centers, where they accept patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research.

The clinic states, there is no difference between their actions and the manner other high-quality health care providers work.

Planned Parenthood emphasizes the fact that they receive consent from all patients and everything is done under high ethical, as well as legal standards.

In addition, the spokesman of the health clinic affirmed that the clinic does not receive any financial benefit for tissue donation.

Is the Use of Fetal Organs and Tissue Legal?

Whether Planned Parenthood is guilty or not, that is only up for lawyers to debate.
According to the law, using fetal organs and tissue in medical research is not illegal. Of course, the law mentions that there should be no financial benefit from this use. The money that covers the costs of transportation, processing, or storage of human fetal tissue is the only amount of money that should exist, when discussing this issue, as the law states.


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