Microsoft Releases All-Inclusive App Store

Microsoft officially opened an online store that is a combination of its Windows Phone Store and Windows Store into one large online shopping store. This universal app store is a part of the company’s efforts to bring the Windows 10 experience unity through all devices including phones, tablets and PCs.


Previously, the Windows PC and tablet user would have to look for applications from the Windows Store, and those on Windows phones would have to browse apps on the Windows Phone Store. This new universal app store is making it easier for all Windows users.


This common experience for everyone is a part of the Microsoft strategy for Windows 10 developers and users to use the same programming code and then modify the apps to fit the tablets, phones and PCs. These developments will help reduce the amount of time and expenses in comparison to the previous system. Microsoft hopes that this will encourage app developers to create more apps for both Windows mobile devices and Windows PCs. This will benefit the users, since they will have a greater variety of apps to chose from regardless of what device they are using.
Although the PC market isn’t doing so well, Microsoft’s smartphones are in need of a kick to get the company back on top. Microsoft is hoping that universal apps along with Windows 10 will succeed. Users who like Windows 10 might be more likely to buy a Windows 10 phone to have the same experience in both places. This is the plan that Microsoft has in order to generate more demand among both mobile phone buyers and PCs.


Microsoft’s Xbox console is also being included in the Microsoft universal app movement. Xbox game developers can also use this common code in order to create games.
If you have a Windows 10 device, you can go to the universal app store home page to view the top Windows Phone apps and Windows apps. There is also the option to view all of the apps for the Xbox. On the page is also a search bar that will let you find whatever app you are looking for.


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