100-Percent Pickpocket Proof Gear For The World Traveler

Travel is often times an eye opening experience, but preparing for a trip can be stressful. The TSA is enough to worry about, but travel safety, in general, is a huge concern for those looking to book a getaway. That’s why the team behind Clever Travel Companion is providing world travelers with stylish and comfortable clothing to ensure your valuables are safe no matter where in the world you may be.


Roughly two years ago, I was studying photography in Italy on a month long trip. Unfortunately, during that short period of time, one friend had her wallet containing 300 euros stolen, while another came face-to-face with a pickpocket after she caught him attempting to reach into her purse.

Even seasoned travelers know the dangers of touring in a foreign country, especially since thieves are become more and more crafty. And although losing your passport isn’t the worst thing that can happen, the hassle an individual has to go through to replace it can be easily avoided. That’s why Clever Travel Companion is focused on creating anti-theft (100% pickpocket proof) gear to keep your belongings safe at all times.

The company offers a bunch of different products – from underwear to tank tops and t-shirts – all fitted with zippered, secret pockets to hide your passport, cash, credits cards and any other important things a traveler needs. Wearing an outer shirt or a pair of pants over these undergarments will conceal all your valuables, preventing any pickpocket from selecting you as his or her target.

Recently, I was able to try out the women’s fitted, v-neck t-shirt ($32.90), which features two frontal zippers. I received the product a week before a trip to Greece I had planned months in advance. However, I first tried on the shirt without meaning to use it for its intended purpose (since I was living out of my suitcase, I ran out of other clean clothing).

100-Percent Pickpocket Proof Gear For The World Traveler - Clapway

I noticed right away that my shirt was VERY comfortable, which makes sense because it is made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. However, because it has a separate functional purpose (besides just covering your body), I didn’t think about its aesthetic appeal until one of my friends complimented me on the shirt. I proceeded to explain the main purpose of it and her response was the following, “…oh, I would have bought it just to wear out cause I like it.”

So, even though the shirt is casual in style, it definitely has an aesthetic appeal. In fact, I found myself wearing it way too often, mainly because it was comfortable and secondarily, because it kept my belongings safe.

In regards to its functional purpose, the shirt is very practical and high quality. The zippers are strong and they are difficult to pull down with one hand. Even if pickpockets somehow manage to see the pockets, they will have an immensely difficult time trying to pull your valuables out of them without you or someone near you noticing. In fact, when I lightly pull on the zipper myself, I can still feel the tug on my shirt.

The pockets themselves are also quite big. Although they are meant to store your passport, cards and cash, my friend actually stuck her Galaxy Note into the pocket just for fun. She didn’t expect it to fit. I didn’t expect it to fit, but it did. I also appreciate the fact that the pockets are very inconspicuous, even with items stored inside of them. There’s no unsightly lumps created by the extra fabric folds.

As you can imagine, because of the convenience and the overall comfort of the shirt, I ended up ditching my purse on many occasions. It was actually quite liberating and I arrived back in NYC in one piece with my passport safely in hand. So if you are a first-time traveler, or even a seasoned world explorer, I would definitely recommend purchasing a shirt (or an entire wardrobe) from Clever Travel Companion. In fact, I still wear the shirt on a day-to-day basis, even when I’m not on-the-go.