5 Most Downloaded Apps This Week

I love new apps. I am constantly on my phone, like nearly every other member of my generation, and am intrigued by all the new apps that released. You can find me on all of the social media sharing apps, and on the news apps, as I like to stay current on what’s happening in the world today. You would also be right to assume that I watch a decent amount of hilarious videos via Vine or YouTube daily.

In an effort to keep up with the trending apps this week, I have a compiled a list of the most downloaded apps this week:

1. Showtime

ShowtimeAnother score for the cord cutting generation! That’s right, you can now watch your favorite Showtime programs right from your phone without a cable subscription, which means you can catch up on Masters of Sex, Shameless, and all your other favorites. This is great for the commuter looking for entertainment on the bus or subway to and from work. It’s also great to have in the event of a family emergency (the emergency being that you need a minute away from your family). Once again, this app does not require you to have a cable subscription, however, it does require a monthly charge of only $11.00.

2. Streaks

StreaksStreaks is the most downloaded app in the productivity category this week. Its goal is to aid you in creating a streak of healthy habits, hence the name. You can log various activities that you do daily, such as walking, reading, healthy eating, and more. With a 4.5-star-rating, this app is sure to help you stay on the healthy path you’ve worked so vigorously to get on.

3. Fragment

This 5 star photo effects app is quickly grabbing people’s attention with its unique picture effects. Unlike Instagram and other popular photo apps, this most downloaded photo app offers shapes and pattern effects that transform your pictures into Picasso-Esq works of art.

4. HeyLets

This social city guide app is making its way to the top of the most downloaded app list this week. This app will give you recommendations on what to do given your location based on your interests. You can book appointments, make reservations and more with this unique adventure-sharing app.

5. Stayful

stayfulStayful is another travel app that is trending this week. This app is your personal travel agent. It finds and compares hotel rates for you and locks in the great deal for your stay. It picks hotels for you based on your budget and location interests. I know I am grateful for letting someone else organize the travel plans!

I’ve downloaded each of these apps and am incredibly excited to use them! Especially Streaks, since I could definitely use the help in creating healthier habits. These 5-cup-of-coffee days probably aren’t too kind on my kidneys. I hope you gain some use out of these apps as well, and be sure to check back next week for a new list of apps!

Do you use any of the apps listed above? Tell me which one and how you like it!


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