Could Probes Perform Brain Control by Wifi?

The Fascination with brain control

Since the studying of the brain and the mind began, it has become the subject of many science observations, as well as science fiction plots galore. The whole topic is apart of mainstream culture that it is just unavoidable to hear what someone has to say about the idea.
But what is the point? What is so important about it? Answers must be provided.

The latest in brain control

It is very important because the brain is what makes our body work. It is our livelihood. We are dependent on that fact. The idea of brain control is also an explored topic in the science community and have spurred many papers exploring the history and further research.
It wasn’t until yesterday that a press release yesterday came out from the National Institutes of Health about a brain probe that may offer the ability for wireless control of the brain. The research for this was released in the Cell journal detailing the specifics on the study and process.
No, this does not mean that you can force people to do your evil bidding. So, put those plans of global domination away, because it’s just not that type of machine.

The significance of the study

But more on the new furor is that this new tool is very innovative because it now allows one to observe the brain in a more nature way. So there isn’t too much poking and prodding by surgeons as they fiddle with your brain while you are awake, because let’s face it, you kind of feel invaded in those surgeries or exams.
Which is why the brain probe was made, to help lessen the need for those methods, make you feel more comfortable, and lessen the risk of those routes. No one wants to have their brain messed with, let alone suffer from a goof-up during a surgery or examination.
That kind of thing only leads to lawsuits. So, brain control probe for the win! Only time will tell what this little thing can tell us about our brains.


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