Nearby Fracking May Be Causing Locals to Go to the Hospital

Rising concern about fracking’s impacts on local health

The history of fracking is one filled with controversy, and never bodes well for the health of local residents involved. Even for those not a part of the industry, fracking has inadvertent and extremely harmful effects.
To emphasize how much of a concern it is, a study was conducted with PLOS to give some scientific proof of how the process is very aversive to the health of the public. The dangers of fracking is not new news or even new concerns, and there is even a website dedicated to the aforementioned risks.
One has to wonder with all the information about the danger of fracking out there, how it continues but there is no easy answer to that. In fact, the fracking industry only seems to be steadily growing.


The study in and of itself is a form of protest against fracking for the sake of the health of others and presents findings that indicates that yes, fracking has led to higher hospitalizations of locals for such things such ailments such as heart, neurological, and others. This is because the locals are exposed to the noise and toxins the process releases and the overall stress adding to their bad health.
This is not even the first fracking that has been protests in the U.S., in fact, a few months prior in April in the Southwest, on the Navajo Reservation, fracking went underway as well. There Navajos underwent a thousand-mile walk to help raise awareness for the dangers of fracking and in protest of it.
The danger of fracking was nothing new to the tribe; in the olden days of the 30s, 40s, and 80s, the land had been subject to a long history of mineral mining and also negligence from the mining industry in the past. The concern about fracking in the year 2015 after such a long history is no surprise and the wariness even more high because of the history.

It’s more than just hype

According to the data, thus far there have been an estimation of almost 200,000 hospitalization cases in the area fracking are being conducted in the state of Pennsylvania. Time will tell if the concerns are addressed.


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