Creating New Habitat for Monarch Butterflies

Many people love to see butterflies fluttering by through the air on a nice summer day as a breeze blows gently, cooling the skin. When asked what their favorite type of butterfly is, many people will select the esteemed Monarch Butterflies.

Unfortunately, Monarch butterflies are in a state of continual decline in population size, and run the risk of dying out. Luckily, a group of people in Canada are trying to create a new, ideal habitat for Monarch butterflies so that they are able to reproduce more effectively and rise in population once more.

The Uxbridge Habitat for Monarch Butterflies

Uxbridge, a township in Canada may become the next big habitat for Monarch butterflies. During a council meeting on July 13th, it was decided that they would create a butterfly garden on their land. They will plant milkweed along a railroad track on the township’s land.

Officials say that people seem to have a special connection to Monarch butterflies in particular. By creating this new habitat, it is hoped that the species will spring up and grow in numbers.

The Declination of the Population

Monarch butterflies used to have a population of around 1 billion that migrated annually from Canada, through the United States, finally reaching Mexico. However, now the migratory population is around 50 million. That is a 90 percent decrease in population and represents an enormous problem for the species.

Combatting the Population Drop

In hopes of raising the population back up even a modicum, officials are encouraging the residents of Uxbridge Township to plant milkweed in their yards and gardens. Meanwhile, officials will be planting it in unused plots of land and along abandoned railroad lines. Milkweed is vital to the Monarch butterfly population as it is the only plant that they will lay their eggs on, and it’s also the only plant that the caterpillars that will eventually become the Monarch butterflies will eat.

Hopefully the Monarch butterfly population will grow back up to close to its original size. With the growth of everyone’s favorite butterfly, maybe seeing them more often will brighten more days.


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