Hidden State: 5 Unexpected Photos From North Korea

In recent years, journalists and tourists have increasingly been able to offer the world a glimpse of what life in North Korea looks like.

News recently emerged that foreign diplomats are no longer allowed to keep content critical of the North Korean regime or supreme leader Kim Jong Un. The country keeps pursuing missile and nuclear programs despite being banned under U.N. Security Council resolutions. North Korea’s state-controlled elections saw a 99.97% voter turnout on Sunday, state media reported. The results are expected to be officially announced early next week. No surprises here.

The nation remains enigmatic and one of the few frontiers left that foreigners haven’t overrun. As Slovenian avant-garde rock band is set to be the first western pop act to perform in DPRK, here’s a list of 5 things that you perhaps wouldn’t expect from North Koreans:


1. North Korean artist Song Byeok used to paint propaganda for the country’s late leader Kim Jong-il. He mocks him now


2. North Korean veteran of the Korean War holding hands with a Swedish tourist for a photo


3. This is a shiny new water park in east Pyongyang


4. Kang Chun-hyok is a young defector from North Korea turned rapper

Hidden State- 5 Unexpected Photos From North Korea5. North Koreans are passionate basketball players. They even have their own national team

Maybe North Korea could be explored via SnailVR: