New Car Seat Looks to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Evenflo Warns You Before You Leave Your Child in the Car

There have been far too many heartbreaking stories of children who have passed after being left in a hot car. Luckily, now we have a story that is instead about good work being put in to prevent those tragedies. A company called Evenflo has designed a new type of car seat aimed at preventing hot car deaths, and recently they’ve partnered with Wal-Mart for an exclusive one-year deal. This new car seat was based very specifically around hot car deaths; it’s the entirety of the reason new technology was put into the seat. Evenflo’s new product is being listed at costing around $149, presumably a bargain for those worried for the safety of their child.

You’ll Know It’s Working From the Noise It’s Making

This isn’t exactly a solution that involves cooling the child down in the hot car, we’re not quite there yet. Instead, you’ll be reminded with an aggressively loud noise that yes, you have a child in the back of your car. The car seat utilizes something known as Sensorsafe Technology. Sensorsafe incorporates both a chip contained in the car seat’s harness and a receiver that you will attach to your vehicle. The receiver is used to tell when the car’s engine has been shut off. If the chest clip of the car seat is still fastened with a child inside, the receiver activates an alarm that will go off. That alarm does not stop until you’ve unbuckled your child and removed him from the car, saving them from a gruesome hot car death. The device doesn’t require a wireless device or Bluetooth, but currently it is only available for use if your car has been manufactured since 2008.

Evenflo Felt a Social Obligation to Do the Right Thing

Evenflo is on record as saying that this creation was made out of what they felt was a social responsibility, a need to prevent hot car deaths. They even brought up a startling if true statistic, saying that a child dies from being in a hot car every nine days. As such, they’re excited to get their product into the hands of Wal-Mart customers, given the size and the ease of finding a Wal-Mart in America.


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