Cheaper Smartwatch Alternatives: RWATCH R10 Review

Aside from timekeeping, early smartwatch models assisted users in basic day-to-day tasks, such as calculations. Today, however, smartwatches have become much more than just “computerized wristwatches.” Over time, they have drastically evolved to become extensions of our smartphones – in other words, “wearable computers.” Unfortunately, forking up $399.00 for an Apple Watch is beyond the scope of what many of us can afford, and as such, various companies have developed cheaper smartwatch alternatives for a fraction of the price.

One such example is the RWATCH R10 Smartwatch, which currently retails for $45.99 on GearBest. I will be honest; I did not expect much from this product based solely on the price alone. After all, price is generally indicative of a product’s performance, so I was interested to see what $50.00 would get me. Here is what I found:

I was pleasantly surprised at the appearance of the watch. The RWATCH R10 comes in three colors: silver moonlight, cool black and champagne gold. The 240 x 240 pixel touch panel screen, which measures 1.54 inches in size, is framed by a harder casing with a wristband made of silicone. The style of the watch is pretty typical of most smartwatches I’ve seen simply because rectangular or square interfaces generally allow the most room for functional operation. The power button, charging port, mic, and sim card slot are also located directly on the left and right sides of the watch.

1. RWatch 2

When the device is on, the actual digital interface is also decent. There are some graphics that some people could do without – for example, the blue butterfly that appears when you switch on the device – but all in all, the colors and brightness of the screen are not bad for a budget smartwatch. I expected to see some pixelization, but it’s mostly only visible in the lettering when the user is typing.

Besides the obvious, there are various functionalities that come with this smartwatch, including a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep tracker, compass, remote camera, etc. Some of these features might seem a little excessive if you are simply using the smartwatch for making calls and sending messages. However, I really like having these options available to me. Besides serving as an extension of your smartphone, the RWATCH R10 can also double as a fitness tracker in a sense. It is also compatiable with a range of devices, as long as they are running an Android 3.0 or iOS 5.0 and above operating system.

1. RWatch 3

Connecting the smartwatch to your device is also super easy with Bluetooth, and the audio quality (when taking calls and listening to music) is good. The biggest problem in regards to performance is the keyboard. Due to the size of the screen, it difficult to type text messages since the buttons on the display are small. However, I will admit that the keyboard definitely performs better what you would expect it to just based on physical appearance alone. Yes, you might end up hitting a few unwanted characters, but for the most part, you can put together a message without too much effort.

All in all, the RWATCH R10 smartwatch is a good deal for under $50.00. Keep in mind, it is no Apple watch, but if you’re looking for a more affordable piece of wearble tech, this option is definitely something to keep your eye on. For more information about the RWATCH 10, click here.