Honda Reveals Its First Model Sporting Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Skipping the traditional car debut venues, it’s clear that Honda couldn’t wait to make an announcement they believe will truly excite fans. In a an announcement in Silicon Valley, Honda introduced its revised 2016 Honda Accord as the first vehicle to sport both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Why This is a Big Deal

Honda’s new Accord isn’t the first car to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but it’s one of the first top-selling vehicles to do so. This is a good indication that the auto industry is confident enough in what both Google and Apple have to offer, though it will also be a significant step up from the traditional infotainment systems currently found in most vehicles today.

Other auto manufacturers are following suit, too. General Motors has also announced that its 2016 model vehicles will be offering Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, though the company didn’t mention if these would be features implemented in their lineups across the board or if they would just be coming to specific models. Korean automaker Hyundai has also said that they will be using these new infotainment systems in their Sonata.

Using Your Car to Stay in Contact While on the Go

Both technologies are trying to accomplish the same thing: they’re making your vehicle an extension of your phone (and vice versa). Voice recognition will play an incredibly important part of the way you operate each system. You’ll be able to issue commands, in a very natural manner, such as making reminders, asking for directions, placing calls, and more. Both Google and Apple are also trying to make sure that all of your communication forms are as cohesive as possible, so any command issued while in your vehicle will be remembered on your phone once you leave the vehicle.

What Else the New 2016 Honda Introduces

A new infotainment system isn’t the only thing Honda is bringing to the 2016 Accord. A new 7.0 inch touch-screen display will accompany the the vehicle’s new software. The front end has a more aggressive look to it, there are new LED headlamp and taillight designs, and a new Honda Sensing package as well.


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