5 Photos of Kenya as Obama Returns to His Roots

President Obama visited Kenya on the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit where he highlighted how innovation and entrepreneurs are the key to Africa’s future.

In Nairobi, he offered his own personal history as evidence that everyone has the potential to rise from humble beginnings and also urged nations across the African continent to reject the oppression of women, stating that this is a “bad tradition” that “needs to change”. After holding bilateral talks, President Obama and President Kenyatta said they were “united against terrorism” but divided regarding gay rights.

Although the President has visited the country three times in the past, he hasn’t been back since moving to the White House.

As Obama returns to his father’s homeland, here are 5 pictures depicting this beautiful, ecologically-rich country:



1. A youthful Barack Obama on a visit to his Kenyan family.


2. A giraffe walks past a flock of lesser flamingos wading in Lake Oloidien near Naivasha.



3. The ‘sublime’ landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the Samburu area.



4. Maasai warriors dancing in Mara National Reserve.



5. Models pose for a photograph during the Miss Koch beauty pageant, titled

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