These Invincible Bike Lights Will Stand The Test of Time

As an avid biker, I can state from first-hand experience that sharing the road with motorized vehicles is a challenging, and often times, dangerous endeavor. On more than one occasion, I found myself unwillingly participating in a game of imaginary tug-of-war, where the rope was the road and my opponent, the double-parked car. Besides traffic woes, however, there are a host of other common problems bikers have to face in regards to safety. One way to combat some of these issues is to invest in some much-needed gear, such as front and back bike lights. But unlike the parts of a car, these extra fixtures can be easily stolen from a bicycle, even if it is locked down by multiple U-locks.


Back in 2012, Fortified Bicycle Alliance launched the world’s first Theft-Resistant bike light after a friend was hit by a car while cycling. Since then, the team behind the project, so called “MIT bike geeks,” has been hard at work, trying to design gear that will protect city cyclists everywhere. One of the company’s latest innovations is the Aviator front light and Afterburner rear light, created with input from over 1,000 cyclists.

These Invincible Bike Lights Will Stand The Test of Time - Clapway

These lights aren’t just ordinary luminous fixtures. The aluminum Aviator and Afterburner bike lights are theft-proof and simultaneously invincible – tough enough to withstand the harshest urban environments all year round. Thanks to a MIT-engineered proprietary set screw, they are also engineered to lock securely onto your bike seat or handlbar. In fact, if anything ever happens to them – if they are stolen or become damaged – Fortified Bicycle will replace them for you with its “no-matter-what” warranty.

These Invincible Bike Lights Will Stand The Test of Time - ClapwayBesides its durability, these lights also excel in terms of practicality. A pop-out battery, for example, allows users to charge their lights (using any standard micro-USB) without having to remove them from their bicycle. And, because they are high capacity batteries, cyclists only need to charge them once about every three months (for 20 minute/day rides). Users also have a choice between various varying levels of light intensities.

So, if you’re an urban cyclist, tired of struggling for respect on the road, it may be time to invest in some fancier gear. After all, a one-time investment now could easily save you money and energy down the line – not to mention your life.
These Invincible Bike Lights Will Stand The Test of Time - Clapway