5 Wonderful Benefits of Asteroid Mining

Recently, The Arkyd 3 was launched into outer space in order to test its software for asteroid mining. It is orbiting Earth for 90 days to make sure everything is working properly for this new space endeavor. If the Arkyd 3 is successful, the Arkyd 6 will be launched in order to try out a mid-wave infrared sensor. The sensor will help detect sources of water and metals on asteroids. Asteroid mining opens up different opportunities for the future of space exploration and the citizens of Earth.

Here are five wonderful benefits of asteroid mining:


1. Iron is a rare metal on Earth but in abundance in space. Asteroid Mining will keep our batteries coming, which will keep our cities bright and communities safe.


2. Let’s not forget that our cell-phones depend on rare metals as well. The world wouldn’t know what to do without their phones. Keep the updates coming!


3. Mining in space could open up a new job market. The more successful it becomes, the more people that will be needed to support the endeavor.


4. Being able to locate water in space will enable astronauts to take longer trips into space. Longer trips means more discovery.


5. If asteroid mining shows continued success and benefits, people will start to invest more money into space exploration.

What do you think about the idea of asteroid mining? Let us know the pros and cons in the comments below.


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