5 Proud Lions in Honor of Cecil the Lion

This is a very controversial topic right now, with people on both sides, either agreeing or disagreeing with the situation at hand. If you haven’t been following the story of Cecil the Lion, here is a short recap for you: Cecil was a famous lion in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and as the number of lions is Africa are dwindling lower and lower due to big game hunters, Cecil’s death finally sparked the discussion of the issue at hand. Politicians and conservation organizations are now discussing a bill banning the imports of lion trophies in the United States.

Due to the way the Cecil the Lion was killed and presented, several people think that Walter James Palmer, the hunter, was just showing off, which also begs the discussion of the ethics concerning big game hunts. Palmer has since received numerous death threats and hate mail, is under investigation for the hunt that is now said to have been illegal in the area, and many believe he has gone into hiding.

In honor of Cecil the Lion, here are 5 proud pictures of the beautiful lions, with some facts about the lion as well:


1. Cecil the Lion had been studied by scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) at Oxford University since 2008.


2. Cecil the Lion was named after British businessman Cecil Rhodes. He was hailed as an icon and local celebrity of Africa.


3. Cecil, along with another male lion, had established their own pride of around 22 other lionesses and cubs in the Hwange National Park.


4. According to Wikipedia, Cecil was easily identified by the black coloring in his mane, and by the tracking collar he wore.


5. WildCRU is saddened by the loss of Cecil and hopes that this will bring awareness to the poaching and big game hunting that goes on in the area.

It is clear that Cecil the Lion was a beloved member of Africa, and his story is a sad one. We will see in the upcoming weeks what will happen to Palmer, and if Cecil’s death was in vain or if it arouses enough awareness for there to be more effort made in the fight against poaching and big game hunting.


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