New Lizard Species Found Named After David Attenborough

He is famous for many reasons and already has a host of other species of animals named after him. He is most widely recognized for his work on the series “Life”, as well as his narration on the BBC Natural History Unit. Now, a new lizard species that has been found will be another that David Attenborough can add to his list.

Attenborough’s Flat Lizard: New Lizard Species

According to IFLScience, this new lizard has been dubbed Platysaurus attenboroughi, which translates to the above title. This new lizard species was discovered in South Africa, around the Northern Cape Province area, and in Southern Namibia. So far, they have discovered that the male lizard of this species has neck skin that can reflect UV light, and they are the most colorful of the genders so as to attract females for mating purposes (much like male peacocks with their vibrant colors.)


Attenborough’s List

As previously mentioned, Attenborough has a slew of animals and fossils named after him. He is referred to as a national treasure in Britain and is known as a naturalist who has taught the world so much about ecology, so it is only fitting that he would be recognized in such a way. The Sirdavidia flowering plant, discovered in the jungles of Gabon, is a small but beautiful flower named after Attenborough. On his list, you will also find a newly discovered pigmy grasshopper, a pitcher plant, a long-beaked echidna, and another beautiful little flower named Blakea attenboroughii, among many others.

Other New Species Discovered This Year

These past few years have been memorable ones for scientists as they have discovered not only this new lizard species, but many new species of animals, including mammals, which is typically rare. A new species of bat that have been hiding for centuries has been discovered, along with 2 new species of monkeys, the Pinocchio Frog, and a new species of Firefly. Not only have scientists found new living species of animals, but new fossils and bones as well. A spiked fossil was found in China this year; bring to life a creature we were unaware of previously. There are so many more new species that can be added to this list, and they are all such amazing discoveries. It’s exciting to think what else we might find in the coming years.


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