7 Driving Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Car Lovers Rejoice! Courtesy of First Aid wheels comes a comprehensive list of driving apps that are an absolute necessity if you love driving cars, looking at cars, have dreams about cars, or you are actually a car yourself. These driving apps will guide you along on your journey as you make turns, climb banks, and push the pedal to the floor board (along with a beautiful infographic down below!):


1. Assisto

This driving application allows the driver to easily make insurance claims in the event of an accident. You make sketches, take photos, and complete an accident report all from your mobile device


2. Milewiz

Important for those who need to keep track of the miles that they drive, this driving app tracks just how far you go. Great if you have a lease and don’t want to go over in mileage, or drive a work car and you don’t want your boss to yell at you for driving the company car too far.


3. Aroundme

Pinpoint locations of interest on your drive home, or your drive across the country with this application which allows you to see nearby points of interest along whatever route you take.


4. Torque

An extremely in depth car diagnostics tool. If you are really into making your car perform to its full potential, you’ll want this application to make sure your car is at its peak performance all the time.

google-maps5. Google Maps Street View

Allowing you to navigate the busy roads you may travel, before ever leaving your home. Google Maps Street View is a innovative solution to view your chosen path in way truly unique to the 21st century.


6. Car Maintenance Reminder Pro

A driving app for those who frequently go ten thousand miles past the date when we were due for another oil change, or want to get the best possible mileage out of their cars on their daily commute.


7. Waze

Don’t let traffic jams, speed traps, or elderly drivers slow you down as you make your drive. This app offers real-time information about routes from its massive community of users, allowing drivers to make informed decisions about the best way to go about their everyday driving.

These driving apps will offer you ease at the wheel, and vehicle performance information on your drive like you’ve never experienced before. What is your favorite in car apps?

7 Driving Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier - Clapway

Infographic courtesy of: First Aid Wheels.

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