Motorola gives glimpse of new Moto 360

In a market currently clamoring for more tech-savvy watches, a large portion of eyes may be on the Apple watch, but Motorola plans to change that with a successor to its wearable watch, the new Moto 360, which was recently teased.

What’s coming for the new Moto 360

In true troll-like teasing fashion their twitter profile had shown a twitter post that allegedly showed the new tech, but it was shortly deleted afterwards. The tweet was speculated to have originated from Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, although details have been especially mum, there was also a tweet citing September 3 as the date where consumers could look forward to a new Moto 360, but this tweet has also been subsequently deleted as well. Although the post was deleted just as quickly as it was posted, it was enough to get the internet buzzing about the potential competition that could be garnered from a market that isn’t dominated by one tech giant and the resulting innovation that could arise from said competition.

Consumers can expect at least two Moto 360 models

The newest Moto 360 is coming in two models according to regulatory documents that were released in Brazil. Anatel, the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC in America, had to grant Motorola authorization to operate in Brazil. Much like their American counterpart, they are responsible for regulating legal commercialization of products, and it was those same document requirements that pointed to two models of the Moto 360 coming out. 9to5 google showed a picture on their website detailing Brazilian documents speaking of a 360s and 360L product. The 360L version is reported to have a heavier battery coming in at 375 mAh while the 360s will supposedly have a 270 mAh battery. The current Motorola watch has a 320 mAh battery. Battery power could play not just a huge role in the amount of time it can stay on, but could also come to play a huge role in the way software runs.

What does this mean for the tech world

What this basically means is that consumers may have a new smartphone watch to look forward to, and may face a market that offers more options. Tease or no tease, only time will tell whether or not the newest incarnation of the Moto 360 lives up to the hype.


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