Check Out These Productivity Apps for Windows 10

Portable computers and mobile devices are redefining the way we do business and manage our lives. Thanks to intuitive interfaces, advanced features and connectivity to the modern 4G and LTE wireless broadband networks, mobile devices are helping us to be more productive by allowing us to get things done virtually anywhere with the right apps.

Ever since Microsoft introduced Windows 8 to the personal computing marketplace, the mobile app ecosystem has vastly improved for mobile device owners. Now that Microsoft has formally rolled out Windows 10, that ecosystem has progressed to become the heart of the mobile experience, particularly with regard to productivity. There are three main components to the ecosystem: the operating system, the Windows Store and the devices owned by each user.

The Windows Store is where users can find and install the apps they need for entertainment, information and productivity. The following five apps are highly recommended for Windows 10 users who wish to get the most out of their devices by staying productive.

Microsoft Office Apps

For many decades, Microsoft Office has helped millions of computer users manage and create documents, information and solutions for a variety of purposes. In the new Windows Store, the Microsoft Office apps come in two main categories: desktop and mobile.

Complex projects will generally require the use of desktop apps, which can be found in the Office 2013 and Office 2016 suites. Essentially, the desktop apps are more advanced than their mobile versions, and they are meant to be used in desktop and laptop systems. The mobile apps are optimized for the touch screens of smartphones and tablets.

Some Office apps are bundled with Windows 10; these include Calendar, Mail and OneNote. Users can install Excel, PowerPoint and the always versatile Word from the Windows Store; with these apps, users are able to read and edit Office documents to a certain extent. The new apps allow the synchronization of documents across devices through Windows 10.


This cloud storage and file synchronization app is optimized for Windows 10 and various other platforms. With Dropbox, managing, sharing and synchronizing files across devices can be accomplished with a mouse clicks or touchscreen gestures. Security and dependability are the two major benefits of Dropbox; users do not have to worry about losing their files if their smartphone or computer is lost, stolen or suddenly stops working. The basic version of this app grants users 2GB of cloud storage.


This app is a favorite of business users, journalists and researchers. Essentially, Evernote is a smart notepad and scrapbook that can collect just about any type of digital media. Notes can be handwritten, typed, scanned, copied from the Web, capture with a camera, and even recorded with a microphone. Users can easily organize their notes, share them with others and synchronize them across devices. Evernote comes in free and paid versions, and it is one of the most widely recommended apps in the Windows Store.


With Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, users can create and manage reading lists from various Web sources. Essentially, users can save articles into cloud folders that they can access later. Among the many features of Pocket, sharing and synchronization are the most powerful. Pocket formats articles for optimum reading in any platform by removing clutter such as JavaScript, frames, pop-up windows, etc.; it also allows users to adjust display settings such as text size, font style and background for an ideal reading experience. Pocket is available in free and subscription versions.


This free app provides more than just organization; it is actually a powerful project management solution for advanced task management at the personal or business levels. Trello is easy to use; users can simply write ideas organized as lists that make up a board. Each task or idea can be accompanied by supporting material such as photos, graphics, videos, recordings, comments, etc. Each board is a project that can be shared with other Trello users for the purpose of collaboration or to stay updated. Every update made is automatically synchronized.

Thanks to the rich app ecosystem provided by Windows 10, users can find apps that allow them to manage and organize their school, business and personal tasks, and they can do it on the go by clicking, tapping and swiping. As useful and powerful as Windows 10 is, it would not be complete without everything the Windows Store has to offer.