Apple Pay Comes to Starbucks, Chili’s and KFC

Apple Pay Has Come to Starbucks!

It’s also been implemented to KFC and Chili’s, and your week probably got that much better because of it.

Now you can pay for your choice cup of coffee with your Apple device, and the company confirmed that it’s rolling out the payment service to certain Starbucks locations before the end of the year. Apple’s hope is to increase its presence and branch out to all of the stores, which will push 7,500 establishments in the US come 2016.

The announcement was made by Jennifer Bailey, VP of Apple Pay, and states that some Starbucks stores will begin accepting Apple Pay as part of Apple’s pilot program. They hope to have it in all Starbucks stores in 2016.

It’s Been A Slow Crawl

Bailey went on to mention it Apple Pay would come to KFC’s and Chili’s as well, and it will help the company in widening its reach, therefore giving the company a boost. Apple Pay was launched last year, but it only makes up for 1% of all retail transactions in the US. This is surely because it’s not accepted in various relevant retail establishments.

Starbucks declared that it has been using a mobile payment system, and it makes for 20% of all transactions at US locations, and taking advantage of this, they’re looking to provide customers with every available system of payment. Spokeswoman for Seattle Starbucks Haley Drage added that Starbucks has been using Apple Pay in the UK for a few months, and it was recieved well by consumers, so they’re naturally expanding.

On the other hand, Chili’s debuts a mobile payment system with Apple Pay. They said in a statement that the company is focused on bringing guests the most innovative technology, and Apple Pay is revolutionizing mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay.

Bailey adds that Apple Pay will be very beneficial to KFC once it rolls out, since the company usually has a need for fast payments, and goes on to add that many more businesses of varying sizes are adopting mobile payment technology to be able to accept Apple Pay and it’s contemporaries.

More and More Companies Are Incorporating the Program

There’s no word on whether or not Apple Pay will qualify for its rewards programs, but Bailey confirmed that the incorporation of Apple Pay loyalty program features has been implemented in Panera Bread, Whole Foods, Coca Cola, Kohl’s, Walgreens among others.

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