Save Money with These 3 Apps

From purchasing a plane ticket to booking a hotel room, going on an adventure these days can financially add up. Every year, adventure after adventure, your expenses rise alongside with your exasperation. It’s taken us long enough, but we’ve finally come to your rescue with some valuable tips. Clapway hunted for and found several free to download smartphone apps that cover just about everything. From finding a room to stay in, to transportation, to scouring for supply basics, we’ve got you covered. These three apps will help you travel around the world or across the continent and save money, never having to bust the bank again. May we always cheer to big savings and even bigger adventures.

1. RoomerTravel

Launched just this year, the RoomerTravel app allows you to search and book hotel rooms from others who no longer need their reservation, resulting in heavily discounted options for those seeking urgent bargains. Available hotels can be searched for by destination and check-in and check-out dates, along with price and star-rating. And remember, Just because you’re getting a reasonably priced package, it doesn’t mean you have to settle.

2. RideScout

If you’re new to the area and don’t know your way around, RideScout is the app-route for you. The useful program makes moving from destination to destination easy by allowing you to search for what modes of transportation are most easily accessible to you. Transit, car share, taxi, bikeshare, walking, and parking information is sorted on the app by their availability, price, and arrival time. It’s currently only available in 70 cities across North America, so be sure to check beforehand that you’ll be able to utilize it at your adventure location.

3. Favado

Created by, Favado works hard to keep your pockets and wallet happy by helping users save up to 80 percent off their grocery bill. It identifies the most cost-efficient deals at local big-name retailers, food markets, and drug stores, allowing you to compare prices so that you can choose the deal that suits you best. You can even apply coupons for additional savings! This app comes in most handy when you need snacks for your room, a big batch of food supplies, or personal care items like medicine and hygienic essentials.