Spire Fitness Tracker: Keep Calm And Fit


These days many people are doing their best to maintain or increase their fitness and a new fitness tracker called Spire Fitness Tracker is helping some of these exercisers to keep track of their adventure to better health.

Spire Fitness Tracker, created by Jonathan Palley and Neema Moraveji from the Calming Technology Lab in Stanford, measures the user’s breathing, as well as the number of steps they walk during a training session.

Spire Fitness Tracker is a small grey clip-on device, which actually won an award for its design and look. It can be attached to your clothing very easily and the smooth side of the device must be put against the user’s body, with the metal clip facing outward.
The Spire Fitness Tracker uses a free app that works with iOS only at the moment. The alerts and other data work through the app, but there is not a screen or monitor on the Spire device itself. Instead, it connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth.


Once you have charged the Spire Fitness Tracker with the wireless charger you are ready for your first adventure of using it to get healthier. Once turned on, the user is promoted to set goals in three different areas. These are activity, focus and calm. The application does an analysis of the wearer’s breathing and steps taken to decide when the wearer is calm and when they are active.

When setting the fitness tracker device you can choose goals such as wanting to travel 10,000 steps a day or an hour each of focus and calm time frames. Some of the things that Spire users liked the most was that the battery lasted six days after being charged, so that means you don’t have to mess with charging it often.

Plus, as one user discovered accidentally, if it goes through the washing machine it should survive, but washing it is not recommended. It also clearly shows the various modes of use with a three-pronged symbol to show how much progress is being made in the three areas.

For instance, it shows how many breaths a minute a user is taking during their travel, as well as the number of steps and the calories burned. One feature in focus mode has a breathing exercise where the user takes two and a half minutes and a calm voice speaks to them and asks the wearer to think on their goals for the day, as well as one to get more energy where the wearer is led through an exercise of alternate nostril breathing.

If you are interesting in a fitness tracker to help you to track things like your breathing and other features, consider getting the new Spire Fitness Tracker for your next travel into the adventure of staying healthy.