Keyless Access to Your Home Is Possible with Monkey

image courtesy of Monkey

Here’s a thought.

Imagine never having to carry keys to your home ever again. Imagine buzzing people in with your phone, imagine being able to get notified when your annoying neighbor’s kids ding dong ditch your front door.

It’s all possible now, with Monkey.

image courtesy of Monkey
image courtesy of Monkey

Monkey is the combination of an app and an intercom add-on, and it allows you to easily control any access to your home with your phone, fit it to your schedule, and have it recognize you as soon as you walk up to the doorstep.

It literally senses you and the intercom buzzes you in immediately, which will just have to make you feel like a boss. Ordering in? You only need to open the door with the press of a button, and food’s at your door in no time. Are you getting packages delivered? You can tell your Monkey app that you’re expecting it, give it a time window, and it will simply notify you once the delivery has been made.

It’s like a digital house sitter that doesn’t bark.

No offense to barking house sitters or dogs.

It’s keyless home access, and it lets you walk straight home without fumbling through a purse or pockets. This new gadget alerts you of all access to your home or apartment, making sure to tell you when deliveries are in. Monkey makes you feel safer about home, a little more in control for those of us that worry for burglars or annoying neighborhood kids.

The hardware is chip sized and Wi-Fi enabled, and alongside the Monkey app, it can help you to revolutionize the way home access works. It’s the first simple and efficient solution to lost keys and those pesky UPS slips on your door.

And it’s low cost.

You can install it easily, no electrician or landlord required, and if you move, you can just take it with you. That’s German engineering for you.

Monkey is compatible with every intercom system in the market, and it’s one more awesome gadget to make life a little bit easier.

Make sure to check them out and get more info on their website!

image courtesy of Monkey
image courtesy of Monkey

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