FLYBi Drone Uses VR to Make You Superman

Courtesy of FLYBi

One of the most sought after fictional superpowers is the ability to fly. We have planes and helicopters, skydiving and parachuting, but there’s nothing even remotely close to what we’ve seen great fictional heroes have done by punching a fist in the air and willing it to take them to the skies.

Courtesy of FLYBi
Courtesy of FLYBi

With the FLYBi, we might be just a little closer. No laser eyes and no superhuman strength, but this new gadget gives you the ability to feel like a bird in flight.

The FLYBi Combines Virtual Reality and A Drone to Bring You An Out of Body Flying Experience

It’s nothing like we’ve seen before. The FlyBi is the world’s first drone designed to capture and immortalize everything they see, and cast it right back to your own eyes. The gadget is composed of a small flying drone, controlled by remote and a pair of goggles.

The FLYBi is 14″x16″ and weighs 2.2 lb., flying at speeds of up to 50mph for about 30 minutes at a time.

The FLYBi drone is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera that captures 1080p quality footage, and it moves according to your own movement to capture exactly what you want to see when you want to see it. It’s the handiest drone to date, and by combining two new technologies, it makes for quite the innovation.

You can capture photos or video on the fly, and the FLYBi drone also has integrated WiFi and remote storage to file all of your adventures and daily routines. This gadget makes it possible for you to immortalize anything. From your mundane daily routine to your latest exciting adventure, the FLYBi captures all in awesome HD.

Courtesy of FLYBi
Courtesy of FLYBi

The FLYBi drone and wrist remote are meant to be used alongside the FLYBi app, which allows users to set a flight path for your drone to follow, so obstacles like unexpected cars can be perfectly avoided by a slight alteration of their path from your phone. Other more obvious obstructions like utility poles will be automatically avoided by the FLYBi’s obstacle avoidance sensors.

The FLYBi is Guaranteed to Give You A Unique Bird’s Eye View of Wherever You Want It To Go

The FLYBi drone comes in four colors and has different add-ons in the package, like a HeliDeck that acts as a charging station and a landing pad, and a Carrying Case that protects your drone from any hazards. Once your FLYBi is in need of recharging, just opening the HeliDeck will prompt it to return and begin charging immediately, so having a FLYBi is almost like being a warg or having a familiar spirit.

The FLYBi drone requires no learning curve, it’s a matter of unpacking and putting to use immediately. No need for instructions, just for the app, your drone, your googles and just a pinch of vicarious wanderlust.

Check out their campaign and pre-order yours now here!

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