This Domino’s Pizza Car Will Get You the Girl

Courtesy of Domino's

Delivery drivers around the world just scored a really hot ticket. Domino’s has a new ride that can carry 80 pizza pies, and a whole lot of brownie points from guys and chicks stumbling out of clubs at 2AM.

Forget Bros! The Domino’s DXP is Your New Wingman.

This sleek car is a redesign of the Chevrolet Spark, and as previously stated, can carry up to 80 pizzas in one go. That’s about as much as 6 frat pledges can take on a Sunday early morning after some major hazing.

The Domino’s DXP (short for DeliveryExPert) is equipped with an LED light powered oven for keeping pizzas at the ultimate temperature. The company’s hope is to deliver 400 million pizzas per day after they were reported to have gotten only three quarter earnings in October. The Domino’s DXP has no space for anything other than the oven, the pizzas, an area to keep two-liter soda bottles in and the drivers themselves. All the new Domino’s car needs now is its own lane on the roads to finally get ahead of their biggest competitor, Pizza Hut.

The Domino’s DXP Will Kickstart A New Trend in Food Delivery

On this new development, Domino’s US President Russell Wiener commented by saying that even though Domino’s deliveries will be primarily made by delivery drivers in their personal cars, the Domino’s DXP represents an innovative leap into the 21st Century, and takes delivery to a new level of efficiency and quality.

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It surely is, the new Domino’s car is an innovative idea that will hopefully turn in good results. This novelty will inspire customers to want to order pizza if only to see the car, which was five years in the making in a collaboration with Local Motors and Roush Enterprises. Over the next few months, 100 Domino’s DXPs will be spread around 25 cities, among them Boston, Detroit, Houston, San Diego and Seattle, and Domino’s has ensured a deal with Chevy dealers in case their cars are in need of service.

As opposed to Domino’s past delivery cars, averagely priced at $12,170, every Domino’s DXP costs between $20,000-$2,50. It will probably be worth the investment, since the novelty will likely cause a peak in sales.

This is not a gimmick, he adds. This is not the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

This is… Sparta? It’s obviously not the Weinermobile, it wouldn’t be as catchy and Oscar Meyer hotdogs are actually good. It’d still be a better idea if delivery guys were allowed to sell pizzas on the go at the peak hours of lunch or dinner in areas where Domino’s stores are scarce.

What even happens at closing time and there are still pizzas in the car? It’d be a waste. And a great way to get that hot girl or dude and yourself talking, or a way to give food to the homeless and purify your sinning heart. Just being real here, it’d be cost-efficient and beneficial to all parties. Considering Domino’s losses this October, where the chain earned 67 cents per share on revenue of $484.7M, while analysts had expected the company earn 74 cents a share on $486.3M, they may have much more potential with this Domino’s Pizza car than they expect. Most of Domino’s orders are for delivery, but there is space for much more with this new development.

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