Top Four Internet Horror Websites

Scary stories for the Halloween season

Halloween is fast approaching, and between shopping for costumes and finding the best party, there’s nothing better to set the mood than some spooky stories. These four internet horror websites have excellent content and truly fantastic submissions – they’re guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and make you turn the lights on!

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#4: Creepypasta

According to the Creepypasta Wikia page, a Creepypasta is a ‘short story posted on the internet that is designed to unnerve and shock the reader’. Ranging from horrific to whimsical, Creepypasta started as a spin-off of ‘Copypasta’, viral short stories on the 4Chan message board. Soon afterwards, many creepypasta forums popped up on Reddit, 4Chan, and Facebook.

Creepypasta horror stories are primarily based on urban legends and folk horror. The infamous ‘Slenderman’ web series first started there, eventually amassing a cult following and even a videogame. Other popular Creepypasta include ‘The Rake’ and ‘Pokémon Creepy Black’.

Unfortunately, there is no central Creepypasta repository. But vast archives of Creepypasta stories exist at the Creepypasta Wiki, r/CreepyPasta, and

#3: r/nosleep

One of the best sources for original horror stories, NoSleep is a premier subreddit for horror fans. Featuring both one-shots and multi-part stories, many famous stories have started off as NoSleep posts. From the Penpal series (now a full-length novel) to Borrasca and The Smiling Man, NoSleep is a haven of all things horror. However, be advised that some of these stories are immensely disturbing. Read at your own discretion.

#2: SCP Foundation

More science-fiction horror than paranormal horror, the SCP Foundation page is a list of case studies for anomalous artifacts. The Foundation itself is the entity that prevents these objects from wreaking havoc by containing them in utmost secrecy. These containment measures, called Special Containment Protocols, list observations and background on the artefact in question.

SCP studies range from oddly humorous (SCP-063) to downright disturbing (SCP-1981). Rife with subplots, tales, and mentions of shadowy government conspiracies, fans of that genre will find a new home base here.

#1: Sixpenceee

Sixpenceee (yes, spelled exactly that way) started out as a Tumblr collection of all things creepy and spooky. From cute 8bit ghost gifs to bizarre science facts to creepy photos, Sixpenceee has it all. However, the most attractive feature of Sixpenceee is their scary stories.

The owners of Sixpenceee curate the best horror fiction from all over the internet, along with some original submissions. This has resulted in the website’s burgeoning popularity- the Facebook page alone has over 14,000 Likes. Some stories are a few paragraphs, whereas others are pages and pages long. In addition, many popular horror series from other internet horror websites are conveniently compiled into one post, making them easier to find and read. Sixpenceee remains a mainstay for fans of the creepy, dark, and morbid.

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