Codie the Toy Robot Makes Coding Fun and Easy

Courtesy of Codie

A project in Hungary is hoping to change the way people around the world view modern technology. We live in a time where people commuting, on the go or at home are always looking down, but not at their lap or at a newspaper; they’re looking down at their electronic devices, reading, playing or browsing for all kinds of information.

A Brand New Way of Working Code

Kids especially grow curious of what they see in smartphones and other handheld devices, and they wonder how it is made. How the apps they play in are made, how the toys they see on YouTube videos are made, how drones and robots are made.

For all of those curiosities, the world has brought us Codie, the first robot toy that teaches people of all ages the principles of coding in a fun, interactive way.

Codie Uses a Building Blocks System to Teach Logical Thinking and Problem Solving

Codie is a small robot that, alongside its app, teaches very basic things like logical thinking and problem solving in a very fun way. Anything input into the app gives immediate results, so through trial-and-error, learning about coding is immediately more fun and more engaging.

Courtesy of Codie
Courtesy of Codie

This gadget will emulate all movement that it’s commanded, and it will save the code input by their users for future use or to elaborate on later. It’s a creative robot that accompanies you through your learning process, giving active feedback.

See Your Code Become A Reality in Minutes

By writing code that becomes a reality right in front of your eyes in minutes, Codie makes for a great companions for beginners, novices and experts, as it gives everyone a way to experiment with what they may or may not know to create new innovative code.

Codie is handmade, with warm wood and hard hitting technology, stuffed with the most advanced equipment available. The robot is bound to prove entertainment to the whole family for hours on end, and it can be paired with your smartphone through wireless Bluetooth.

Codie comes fully assembled, it’s just a matter of opening its box, setting it down and pairing it with your smartphone for a simple, innovative way of seeing and working with code. You can find out more about this awesome gadget here.

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