How to Build A Tactical Flashlight Wristwatch

1. Get your hands on: a cheap keychain light, a wristwatch with a velcro strap, velcro, super glue and a hacksaw.

These should all be available to you at you closest hardware store. Fun trips to make fun stuff! This is bound to be lots of fun with kids who like to build things, so bringing your nephew or niece along for the ride will make for a great adventure. This will surely make them a little more curious and inspire them to work with their hands, so having a little help from them could go a long way. Just make sure they stay away from the hacksaw and it will all be fine.

2. Trim Your Light

Use your hacksaw to cut off any extra part of the light. You ideally want to trim your flashlight down to the smallest size while still looking pleasing to the eye. Make it count!

3. Attach It

Cut a small section of the sticky stuff and glue it to the back of your light, and you should be able to make your light adhere to the exposed Velcro on your watch’s band. Position it how you like until you find a comfortable fit that also looks good.

If you want to customize it all with markers or stickers, feel free! There are no limits where DIY’s come from.

4. Done!

Yay! You’ve made your own wristwatch with a nifty light that can double up as a reading light. And it probably cost you way less than the Apple Watch. You’re welcome!

You can attach a film of light over the little bulb if yellow light is too mainstream. Blue makes for a cool color, and red looks a little creepy but if you’re into that, then hurrah!

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