Google Smart Reply Tool Will Kill Jobs

The new Google¬†Smart Reply tool is a beautiful thing for people who are too busy to write a short reply to their emails, but it’s also something that puts jobs at risk. There are entire jobs that revolve around work like answering emails; assistants, personal or executive, receptionists and secretaries depend on this kind of work for their salaries. It’s possible that as Google’s AI features grow and develop, it’s possible that jobs in the executive world will decimate.

Google Smart Reply - Clapway

Fast-forward two to five years, and not the Google Smart Reply, but Google’s AI could be your assistant. The company’s increasing efforts to make things that can think, work, and plan for themselves is surely to make our lives easier, but it could make the lives of other increasingly difficult.

The Google Smart Reply tool¬†shows the importance of learning programming, and adapting to the times. It’s possible that all jobs one day revolve around robotics, programming and learning coding languages, so it’s best that we start to measure up to it now while we still have time. Google, Facebook and Apple are coming for our jobs, and at the rate that technology is evolving, it’s only in our best interest to catch up and face the music before it comes chasing after us.