10 APPs that can Help You to Earn Quick and Easy Money

APPS - Clapway


It is a phone app to transfer money to different users but one can earn money by referring it to friends and colleagues which help you earn $5 per reference it is a good way of marketing for the company and easier for individuals to earn.

Earn Cash

Make the money: earn real money by completing simple tasks, watching videos, completing surveys, giving opinions, endorsements etc.

Lucky Money-ATM

Play the game and earn cash. Every game you play helps you earn points and they are converted into paypal cash. Every 200 points gives you big rewards.

APPS  - Clapway


Write your own quiz and make money. Create your own quiz make it available for users at your own price. Quiz can be provided to users for free or at a cost all at your own choice.


social media which has become famous amongst the youth, have you ever thought of getting paid for going social, Every post created or sharing and flagging inappropriate content may get you paid now.

Scratch Back

Earn real cash for free by just scratching a lottery card. Easy and a chance to win money and play casino games using scratch card app.

Field Agent

This is one of the applications where in just enroll yourself into some fieldwork and finish it within the stipulated time, which helps you earn cash. It helps you locate your location and tasks are according to the preferences chosen by you. Each job done pays you between $2-$12.


It is for people who love to shop. As we download the application and shop for regular products and earn cash back.

App Trailers

It pays you for watching trailers of any movie and games. The number of trailers you sit through makes you earn a point, which then gets converted in to dollars.

APPS - Clapway


This helps you earn money by clicking photos, the photos clicked can be sold on the app and you can earn limitless money. It is surprising to know the variety of the photos and the people making money over it.