Google and Facebook Will Destroy Humanity?

Google and Facebook - Clapway

While people are worried that robots will take over the world, there’s a better chance that Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook will turn us into robots. Corporations have always strived for one thing and one thing alone: to make the best marketing strategy to appeal to as many people as possible.

Google and Facebook - Clapway

But with the incidence of robotics, programing and engineering as well as the development of artificial intelligence, these companies are gaining an even scarier ability: they can now make us into the perfect consumer. Big corporations are investing millions of dollars towards making their artificial intelligence cater to our every need and also record our every move so that the machine, and therefore the company, is fully aware of what you like and dislike and what appeals to you. With this information they can tailor what content you see, which ads show up on your sidebar and what suggestions you receive while you surf the web.

So in this regard, we’re the ones becoming robots. Big corporations like Google and Facebook are making us into the perfect customer because there’s no end to what they can offer us. So before we worry about drones plaguing the sky and crowd funding websites seeking funding for a talking robot half your size, let’s look at big corporations like Google and Facebook making every move towards the development of artificial intelligence first.