Hackers Take Full Control of SAP HANA

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Onapsis reveals 21 weaknesses in the SAP HANA platform, among them flaws that allow potential attackers to control machines remotely. The Boston-based cyber security firm revealed a full list of vulnerabilities, eight of which pose a serious threat to clients.

The SAP HANA platform manages databases and runs analytics systems for remote or cloud use. There are over 10,000 businesses registered to the platform, and with the threat of data theft and remote code execution, it is pivotal that all clients access this document and protect their data as well as their own personal information.

Sab san - Clapway

Among the threats discovered impact all SAP HANA applications, and with some flaws at critical level and others hard coded by design, it’s possible SAP HANA will have to bring in changes immediately and swiftly directly from their servers.

Hackers could take full control of systems if changes aren’t implemented. A security breach could result in a collapse with SAP, and it could cost organizations up to $22 million every minute. According to Onapsis, it’s a threat to global economy, as for every minute of lost information is extremely valuable. SAP HANA is encouraged to commence changes internally as soon as possible as to prevent any incidents while they still can.