Ford Reveals 9 Driving Hacks to Save Fuel

Ford - Clapway

Drives are the key to relaxation to some people. There’s nothing like sitting behind the wheel at night or in the afternoon after work and just letting worries go. For all hypermilers and Ford drivers looking to relieve stress, here are nine Ford driving hacks to make your late night/afternoon/any time drive perfect.

Ford - Clapway

Always take the scenic route.

There’s nothing like taking the scenic route and keeping your foot light on the accelerator. Take in the view, but don’t get too distracted. Keep speeds under 80mph and you can save 20% more fuel!

Keep Your Tires In Good Condition

Driving around in tires with lowered pressure puts a significant dent in your engine’s performance, and it can increase your fuel consumption by up to 4%. Keep your tires well maintained and your car will thank you for it.

Speaking of maintenance, take your car to maintenance.

Use OEM oil, follow your car’s recommended maintenance schedule. Always ensure your wheels are properly aligned, air filters and fuel filters are in good condition.

Turn off your car while idle.

This is probably the most important of these driving hacks. If you’re lying in wait for something and at a complete and extended standstill, turn off your car. The Ford F-150 Escape and Fusion among some other models are especially equipped to deal with this: it has an Auto Start and Stop System that switches the car’s engine off when idle and turns it back on when the driver releases the brake. This ensures no unnecessary fuel consumption.

Be gentle on your pedals.

Sudden braking or accelerating consumes quite a bit of fuel. Aggressive driving can consume up to 15% more fuel, so take it slow.

Choose efficiency over looks.

Make the wiser choice when buying a new car. There’s no use in a pretty vehicle that you’ll have to take to gas station one to many times a week. The Ford Fusion and all Ford Hybrids do excellent work of saving fuel.

Clear out your trunk

And take that opportunity to rid your car of all unnecessary weight. For every 25kg extra carried, fuel efficiency goes down by 1%, and it piles up.

Keep a weather eye on the tachometer

Ford’s tachometers tell drivers an accurate reading on the engine’s RPM. Less RPM means less gas burnt and higher fuel efficiency.

Cut down on the accessories

Decreased AC usage and headed seats give the engine some more space to work as best as it can; AC usage can increase fuel consumption by up to 20%, so roll the windows down when you can and park in the shade.

These Ford driving hacks are sure to work not only for Ford drivers but all drivers that enjoy the occasional drive. Fuel efficiency is important and will give your car a longer and more reliable run.