Is Teleportation Possible?

Teleport - Clapway

You’re sitting at your desk with a one-hour lunch break fast approaching. You truly love that hour of lunch, for there is nothing more therapeutic than the sound of food being chewed, I repeat, nothing. Trembling with excitement, you suddenly realize, that you have done the unthinkable; you left the lunch you packed the night before in your refrigerator at home.

You look up towards the ceiling and cry, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

If only there were a way to teleport home retrieve your lunch and teleport back to the office in a moments notice, a true adventure. It sounds impossible; teleporting is a myth, a child’s wish. It’s a trend seen only in TV shows and films such as Star Trek and Jumper. Well think again, Dutch scientists may have unlocked the secret.

Professor Ronald Hanson of Delft University and his team successfully caused an atom to vanish and reappear nearly 10 feet away. The Irish Times reports, in this experiment, information encoded into sub-atomic particles was teleported between two points with 100% accuracy for the very first time.

Hanson says that, if a particle can be teleported, there’s no reason to believe the same cannot be done for a human being. He further explained, “If you believe we are nothing more than a collection of atoms strung together in a particular way, then in principle it should be possible to teleport ourselves from one place to another. In practice it’s extremely unlikely, but to say it can never work is very dangerous. I would not rule it out because there’s no fundamental law of physics preventing it.”

Hanson states that he will continue to push the limits of teleportation. In his next experiment he will attempt to teleport information from one building to another, over 4,000 feet away.

Although Hanson may have taken a step towards teleportation, it still lays a long ways away. Who knows how long it will be until we can travel from point A to point B in a flash of a second. Jump back to the man who lacks lunch in his office. I apologize for getting your hopes up, maybe you should try to be more responsible and less forgetful.