Uber to Launch Uber TomTom Navigation

Uber - Clapway

Uber’s long search for an exclusive navigation system might start to come to a close as it welcomes Uber TomTom navigation. After losing out to BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi on the purchase of Nokia’s HERE Maps, TomTom has stepped up to the plate to offer the taxi service its services, thus giving life to Uber TomTom.

Uber - Clapway

Uber TomTom Adds to Google, iOS Maps Options

As one of the firm’s investors, Google has been a go-to for Uber navigation, along with other services like Waze and iOS Maps. Now, Uber TomTom will offer exclusive maps and traffic data through the 300 worldwide cities that Uber currently services. Uber TomTom may not bring much of a difference to riders, but there is a possibility that Uber TomTom brings the truly fastest route available.

Uber drivers often have a preferred navigation system, and in some cases riders have their own as well, but the option of Uber TomTom may bring comfort to customers who know a thing or two about hardware navigation systems.

Uber has been acquiring mapping tech and staff from Microsoft

In addition to acquiring Uber TomTom, Uber has been acquiring mapping tech and staff from Microsoft, even using Microsoft’s Bing cars to gather street-level footage. Uber is also in the works to develop self-driving cars, as this past May the company acquired robotics talent from Carnegie Mellon University. It’s also leased a 53,000 sq foot facility in Pittsburg for research and development.