GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360 Sucks 

Xbox - Clapway

The GameStop online shop is under strict scrutiny after it’s GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360 Bundle has given some terrible reviews. The deal cuts the original price of the Xbox One from $130 to $70 with four games included.

Xbox - Clapway

The GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360 Bundle Deal is Astounding, in Theory

The GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360 deals ordered shipped arrived in time, but some games got badly mixed. The four games offered were Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Dead Island, Halo: Reach and a 20GB refurbished Xbox hard drive. The HDMI’s cables shipped were faulty as well. Most buyers had to go into a GameStop store in order to get their item appropriately fixed. Consoles had to be fixed, games replaced, and all buyers recommend only purchase the GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360 bundle if they’re close to a physical GameStop.

GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360: Not Recommendable

The main complaint for buyers was the GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360 fan. The refurbished Xbox 360 had a fan that was too loud for a lot of buyers, which prompted them to go to the store and get them replaced.

Buy Your Xbox One In-Store

If this isn’t enough proof, some buyers had their GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360 console not working at all, seeing the feared red ring of death. So buyers are best off buying their consoles elsewhere, or otherwise going to a physical GameStop store.