Quantum Theory Plus Relativity Equals Unified Otherearths

Why "Mind" and "Brain" Are Not Interchangeable Terms!

Atom - Clapway

Why “Mind” and “Brain” Are Not  Interchangeable Terms!

Understanding the parameters of quantum physics as a layman is something I’ve devoted a lifetime to, so – I’m not even close to comprehending all of the factors involved in the details.

Atom - Clapway

Thus I have relied on the expertise of authors like Kip Thorne, Fred Wolf, Gary Zukav, Alan Watts and many others whom I’ve read and re-read extensively to provide me with perspectives on what it all means. Through them I’ve seen a spectrum of Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Einstein, Bohr, Wheeler, Hawking and a smattering of other physicists and gleaned their conclusions, which are in disagreement.

Because of its philosophical ramifications, and because more people I respect lean this way than others, I have chosen the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum theory (over the Copenhagen) as my model for the backdrop of Otherearths. This requires a certain consistency within the creations based on seven effects bridging the micro and macro realities. These seven effects make anything you find on this website actually possible, despite fantastic appearances to the contrary, far as I’m concerned.

The diagram above illustrates the components comprising consciousness.

I guess we can call this graphic quantum fiction, quantum theory plus relativity, a specialty branch of science fiction that follows its own rules (that may just be the rules of the “Omniverse” – a term describing the infinity of all universes). I consult very closely with a licensed psychologist regarding the brain, perception, and possibly related mental health issues involving parallel reality crossovers. And it ain’t covered by insurance.

So Otherearths are coming… (as a true believer might expect!) – SMG