Now the Disabled Can Play Skyrim

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Valve developed a Steam controller for the disabled, and it’s customizable to fit anyone’s needs,. A Reddit user has made it so disabled people can play Skyrim with it. The controller comes with large circular trackpads that optimize performance, and a Reddit user has repurposed the controller to make for even more useful use.

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Steam Controller

Chris Hepburn Remapped the buttons in Skyrim

This user remapped all buttons in Skyrim so that players can play with only hand only. This controller was repurposed so that by tilting the controller right, left, up and down handles character movement, and the right haptic pad controls the camera. The trigger on the right of the controller is multi-purpose according to the player’s needs.

The Steam Controller Skyrim Gameplay Specifics

Disabled players can play Skyrim single-handedly thanks to these adjustments, and tapping sets characters in attack mode while finger movement will set characters in defense mode. By tapping on the left analog stick, players can swap weapons. The A, B, X and Y buttons are of no use with this configuration.

If you tap than your character will be in attack mode, while, holding with the finger will put your character in defense mode.

Hepburn Developed this Skyrim Configuration for His Father

Chris Hepburn’s father was unable to play Skyrim because he is one-handed, so the young man set out to configure a controller that he could play with.

He has since then made the configuration available to other players through his Reddit account.